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World Cup Shirts 1930-2018

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Image of World Cup Shirts 1930-2018

A couple of months ago I made the, some may say foolish, decision to embark on an epic quest to illustrate every World Cup from 1930 right through.

From the simplicity of the period from the 30s to the 1960s, the understated cool of the 70s, the iconic kits of the 80s and Italia 90, the excess of USA 94 and France 98 right through to the fairly benign shirts of the new millennium up until 2014 and 2018 when designers seem to find a new flourish of inspiration.

This was a labour of love from start to finish, I've a new found love for certain teams and tournaments and a certain pity for those teams that have never worn a era defining classic.

All designs are hand drawn by hallyink and not official products.